About Me

My name is Shelby Shepherd.

I love brainstorming with people about how to change the world. I love watching their excitement mount when they realize that they have been born for such a time as this. Seeing someone lose themselves in service to Christ is pretty much what I live for.

I’m the wife and co-laborer of Kyle, a guy who is passionate about publishing important books and teaching the Word of God full-time. We have one darling toddler-girl, and a beloved little one in heaven.17796174_1927568694196283_1398886884589040802_n

I love all things entrepreneurial and visionary. I love big things—crazy-huge things—things that turn the world upside down for God’s glory.

But there’s so much importance in the little things too. It’s the little things that come together to make the big things. That little moment when that little child asks you that little question on his little heart… well, that’s actually the biggest thing to him. Your answer to that question will have an immeasurable impact on his life.

This blog is about all of the things, big and little, that I’ve learned so far in life. I’m only a twenty-something with just my own narrow slice of life experience. But the Lord has given me an amazing library, an incredible set of mentors, a passion for business and hospitality, a vision for reformation, and a testimony that has prepared me for a lifetime of spiritual battle.

He’s called me to write what I know, and to trust Him with the results.

And so, big or little, I write.